Beker-Recycle is involved in waste management including recycling, recovery, reuse, temporary storage, treatment and disposal activities of

"Hazardous/Non-hazardous Waste, Packaging Waste, Batteries, Waste Metal/ELVs, WEEE" in its existing licensed waste

treatment facilities or through the use of its project/business partners.


Beker-Recycle is an Economic Operator in accordance with the EU ELV Directive (End of Life Vehicle Directive 2000/53/EC) and environmental regulation of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and operates in Waste Management, particularly in Vehicle Recycling industry and carries out the following activities;

  • To prevent generation of vehicle waste, to reduce the amount of waste to be discarded through reuse, recycling and recovery of end of life vehicles and their components,
  • To make improvements in the recording and reporting system by improving ELV Depollution-Dismantling and Waste treatment programs, to ensure that reusable parts are barcoded in accordance with the international standards and promote the use of this program,
  • To reduce environmental impact of all kinds of waste, to collect, transport, recycle and recover waste to introduce it back to the production processes in the national economy,
  • To establish, operate and have others operate one or several commercial institutions to full fill its waste management responsibilities pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations on behalf of its business and solution partners in ELV services.